Press Release Archive

The Tree Sit

12/1/2010 – Massey subsidiary president committed fraud in Federal Court, activists allege

2/26/2010 – Judge Berger Grants Federal Injunction

2/5/2010 – Climate Ground Zero Files Motion to Dismiss; Federal Hearing Delayed

1/29/2010 – Nine-Day Tree Sit Ends, Sitters Vow Not Over Until Blasting Stops

1/28/2010 – Climate Ground Zero Meets With Governor Manchin

1/27/2010 – W. Va. Governor condemns violence, but allows abuses to continue

1/26/2010 – Man Arrested Helping Tree Sit, Abuse of Sitters Continues

1/25/2010 – Coal River Tree Sit Day 5: Inside the Action

1/24/2010 – Coal River Tree Sit Day 4: Still going strong

1/24/2010 – Response to Massey Energy’s Statement About Tree Sit

1/21/2010 – Tree Sit Halts the Blasting on Coal River Mountain

Other SLAPP Suits

7/29/2010 – Massey Energy files ‘SLAPP’ Lawsuit Against Environmental Activists

4/26/2010 – Activist Sentenced to 60 Days; Three Contempt Charges for Roselle

3/2/2010 – Activists Appeal to WV Supreme Court

7/13/2009 – Judge Issues Massey’s Preliminary Injunction on Dragline Activists

5/29/2009 – Media Advisory: Climate Ground Zero Gets Day in Court

4/27/2009 – Anti-mountaintop removal activists face contempt for continuing protests

3/24/2009 – Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press: Journalist Claims TRO Bars Her Reporting

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