HELP: Four Defendants Being Sued for Tree-Sit on Coal River Mountain

“I refuse to attend a hearing that violates our constitutional rights to have a lawyer. They are suing us to scare us, to intimidate us, and to make sure others don’t follow in our footsteps. But we wont back down. If anything, this is going to only ignite us more” – Becks

Four additional defendants – Eli, Becks, Junior, and squirrel (Catherine-Ann) – are facing a lawsuit for their participation in a month-long tree-sit on the Bee Tree mine site on Coal River Mountain. Those of you who read about the last tree-sit may recall that this site is in close proximity to the Brushy Fork sludge dam, a structurally unsound 5.5+ billion gallon dam of toxic sludge that would engulf entire communities were it to fail. Alpha Natural Resources is aggressively pursuing an injunction against participants in the most recent tree-sit. Further, the Raleigh County Circuit Court has violated their Constitutional right to legal counsel by ordering that the preliminary injunction hearing take place today despite the fact that the defendants have not had time to find an attorney to take on their case. You can support the Alpha Four by donating to the RAMPS legal fund to help them hire a lawyer. Moreover, if you are an attorney or legal researcher who would like to join the defense team please email

Thank you all for your continued support in the fight against mountaintop removal mining - more information to come soon.

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