STOP THE LAWSUITS: National Call-In Day

Tell your friends about the upcoming national call-in day on Wednesday to demand that Alpha Natural Resources – a company that recently purchased Massey Energy – drop their lawsuits against the Marfork Five and 29 other anti-mountaintop removal activists.

Alpha Corporate Headquarters: (276) 619-4410

Sample Call-In Script:

“Hi, I am calling to demand that Alpha stop the lawsuits against 34 peaceful protesters in West Virginia. These lawsuits, which were initiated by Massey Energy before Alpha’s recent purchase of Massey, are an enormous waste of time and money and have only strengthened resolve to fight mountaintop removal.  Alpha must break away from the destructive and abusive practices of Massey by stopping mountaintop removal and dropping these lawsuits as soon as possible.  Otherwise, we will use these lawsuits as an opportunity to draw attention to Alpha’s continued complicity in the destruction of the Appalachian mountains and poisoning of entire communities.”

“Even as it bulldozes and detonates whole mountains, Marfork wants to apply the same approach to destroy the Constitution.” On Friday, we filed our response to Marfork’s motion to compel defendants to answer questions about their associations with 29 individuals named on other injunctions, arguing that their 1st Amendment right to anonymous association and 5th Amendment protections against self-incrimination preclude this line of questioning.  Check back for updates as we await additional rulings and continue to respond to Marfork’s attempts at repressing dissent.

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